Custom Sandals

Here at Cousin, we want you to love your feet and show your toes! We have created a tailored way to find the perfect Cousin leather sandal for you. We also have offered up a personalized toe reading, totally free!

Cute sandals are typically made for style and style only. We combine aesthetic with functionality to bring you high quality women's sandals that not only look good but won't make your feet hurt!

We offer our leather sandals in platform sandals, gladiator sandals, thong sandals, lace up sandals, and ankle strap sandals. Every pair customized for your unique foot!


Plateau shape - First metatarsal (toe), Second metatarsal, and third metatarsal are same length and toes then taper off. • You’re a girl that typically plays it safe but has moments where your inner wild child is set free!



Classic Morton’s toe - your second metatarsal is larger than your first metatarsal. • You are a super star and this toe shape carries the best of luck! Only the finest females rock the Grecian.



Straight arrow sista! Linear shaped toes — all your toes are mostly the same length, creating a straight line. • You’re a hard working, goal oriented lady! You are on your journey, one step at a time.



The classic toe shape - your first metatarsal is larger than the next four, tapering downward towards the foot. • You are a classic beauty and lucky you, you can wear all Cousin styles without an issue!

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