Here at Cousin, we want you to love your feet and show your toes! We have created a tailored way to find the perfect Cousin sandal for you. We also have offered up a personalized toe reading, totally free!


Plateau shape - First metatarsal (toe), Second metatarsal, and third metatarsal are same length and toes then taper off. • You’re a girl that typically plays it safe but has moments where your inner wild child is set free!



Classic Morton’s toe - your second metatarsal is larger than your first metatarsal. • You are a super star and this toe shape carries the best of luck! Only the finest females rock the Grecian.



Straight arrow sista! Linear shaped toes — all your toes are mostly the same length, creating a straight line. • You’re a hard working, goal oriented lady! You are on your journey, one step at a time.



The classic toe shape - your first metatarsal is larger than the next four, tapering downward towards the foot. • You are a classic beauty and lucky you, you can wear all Cousin styles without an issue!