Cousin is a boutique brand of leather sandals by cousins Arden and Jessie. Arden is a contemporary art curator and Jessie is a visual artist and Cousin is the product of their collective interest in art, style, and wearable goods for warm seasons. Deeply inspired by vintage shoe design of the late 1970s and early 1980s, Arden and Jessie set out to create footwear that is simple, reminiscent, and cool. Cousin is the amalgamation of the history, the necessity, and the social significance of footwear.

Cousin products are designed in New York City by Arden and Jessie
and manufactured in León, Mexico.

contact us: hello@cousinsandals.com
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Cousin sandals are proudly made in León, Mexico at family owned and operated factories. León has been called “the shoe capital of the world” because of the concentration of shoe manufacturers and shoe-product makers in the city. León’s experienced shoemakers coupled with Mexico’s longstanding history in sandal making, made the city the right choice for Cousin manufacturing. Cousin is a brand built on collaboration and friendships (and of course, family) and together with Brooklyn Shoe Space, d’emploi, Milton Sokol & Co., Brent Freaney, Jake Sollins, our sandal broker Ernesto, all the makers in León, and many more, we make Cousin possible. Thank you.


Our small quantities are what make Cousin products truly special. Wholesale orders are custom and made specially for you. Please contact us at hello@cousinsandals.com if you are interested in placing a wholesale order.